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Bob Dylan – Let Me Die In My Footsteps

Released in the USA in 1971

My LP has no record label, no reference number, and doesn’t mention Dylan’s name at all!

Writing on the labels is mine from back then (how stupid).

I cleaned my vinyl audio files using Audacity to remove clicks. Most of the few remaining clicks are not from my vinyl but from the original tapes and acetates used as sources to press this LP.

Rare early bootleg vinyl album. It features studio outtakes and home recordings from 1962-1969.
Sound quality is rather poor, especially on side B.

This is one of the earliest full printed covers. It is printed in black ink on a white cover. The front is a nearly full cover photo from 1961. The back contains five additional early 60s photos, along with track listing and sources, and the release date of August 1971.

Liner Notes:

"This album consists of material taken from different moments in the artists career and is all new. These songs are not on any other record album, either legitimate or ill-legitimate.

Release date: August 1971.

Not affiliated with any other album"

- A1: recorded in March 1962 from the mistaken version of "Freewheelin'..."
- A2 to A6: recorded in 1962, taped in the home of Bob Gibson.
- B1, B2: recorded in June 1969 in Nashville studios.
- B3: recorded in December 1965 in Hollywood studios.
- B4 to B8: recorded in 1962, studio recordings filed in the Whitmark Tapes.


1. A1 Let Me Die In My Footsteps (3:23)
2. A2 San Francisco Bay Blues (1:51)
3. A3 Jesus Met The Woman At The Well (2:37)
4. A4 Gypsy Davy (4:09)
5. A5 Pastures Of Plenty (6:18)
6. A6 Remember Me (3:34)
7. B1 Folsom Prison Blues (3:39)
8. B2 Ring Of Fire (2:25)
9. B3 Number One (3:52)
10. B4 Walkin' Down The Line (1:48)
11. B5 Train-A-Travelin' (2:17)
12. B6 World War N° Three (2:34)
13. B7 I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day (1:05)
14. B8 Denise Denise (2:50)

Artwork Included (front, back from Discogs and freshly scanned labels from my LP)

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