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Savoy Brown – San Jose 1971

Santa Clara Fairgrounds, San Jose, California - March 20, 1971


Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals)

Pete Scott (vocals)

Paul Raymond (keyboards)

Andy Pyle (bass)

Ron Berg (drums)


Pete “Scott” Ainsworth was Savoy Brown’s lead vocalist “between” Dave Peverett and Dave Walker (December 1970-April 1971). No studio tracks with him exist, but here we have, among others, an early live version of “Street Corner Talking” which would later be re-recorded in the studio with Dave Walker on vocals and be the opening track of their eponymous LP in 1971.

Earlier, Pete Ainsworth was the lead singer of Haydock’s Rockhouse, the band formed by Eric Haydock, former bass player of The Hollies, and later he was also the lead singer of Beggar’s Opera.

Paul Raymond’s keyboards are heavily featured.

1. Street Corner Talking (5:18)

2. Crawdad (4:54)

3. Losing Hand (11:34)

4. I'm A Bluesy Kid (9:54)

5. Unknown (5:52)

6. Savoy Brown Boogie (9:51)

Artwork Included (front, back, CD)

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